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Loggerhead, leatherback and green turtles regularly nest on Florida beaches… from March through October. All three are federally protected and the Florida Fish & Wildlife Commission will heavily fine anyone tampering with a nest or turtle.

A female digs her nest in the sand with rear flippers and lays approximately 100 leathery ping-pong ball-size eggs. After covering, the eggs are left to incubate from 45 to 60 days with hatchlings emerging from April through November.

Commission experts say one way to help sea turtle hatchlings is to turn off or shield home or business lights that face the ocean. Hatchlings may confuse artificial (nighttime lighting) with the sparkle of seawater, and often go in the wrong direction when leaving the nest. Hatchling deaths occur from dehydration, cars, fire ant attacks or raccoons.

PLEASE report anyone disturbing a sea turtle nest. If you see a dead turtle, or one that is being harassed or injured, call the commission’s Wildlife Alert Hotline at (888) 404-3922.

If interested in a guided beach tour, go to

For additional turtle information, go to:

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